Town by the Sea

Jenner by the Sea
Yesterday in Sonoma County
Northern California
We took an afternoon drive to the sea yesterday. Close by is a Russian Restaurant. Unfortunately, my sister and I found a closed sign and there was no information posted on their hours.
This did not surprise me.
Scott and I visited and ate at this Russian Restaurant over the years when we visited the area. 
There are no prices or menus. You determine how much you want to pay by thinking and feeling deep within yourself how much the food and drink was worth.
If they offer you a drink of wine or tea, I encourage you to accept and partake. It is always good.
The unknowing of price and what you will be served unsettles some people and the restaurant has negative reviews posted on the internet showing some customers angst and disturbance at having to look within to determine value on how they have been served and the food they have been offered.
Some people jump in, going in back to wash dishes, and help prepare the food, becoming part of the whole experience. 
Scott and I were drawn to this spiritual awakening and practice around money, serving and being served. We found it fascinating. The food was always wonderful, and homemade. I remember a berry tea that tasted like Fall. Scott and I sipped our tea over looking this waterway (photo above) as the sun embraced the valley with a heavenly glow.
Next time, I\’m at the sea, I will try to visit the Russian Restaurant again. Hopefully, it will be open and I can share more on the blog about their culture, food, and drink.


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2 thoughts on “Town by the Sea

  1. We had a similar family-run Russian restaurant in the little town I lived near in Minnesota and we loved it! You were greeted at the door with a hug like you were a relative, too. There was always a buzz of Eastern European languages spoken and Russian music, sometimes live, and often someone would lose control and just have to get up and dance. I hope yours does reopen so you can go back!


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