Practicing Letting Go and No Expectations

My temporary Bedroom
Sonoma Valley
Traveling full-time as a solo woman traveler in her mid-fifties, I am always practicing letting go. There is only so much I can carry on my back and across my shoulders safely.
Do I take this book?  What about the vest with the pockets I love so much? Can I wear the sandals and pack the sketchers? Do I need the sketchers?  As soon as I finish reading a book, I give it away on the blog or yesterday at the bus stop. I hope Anne Lamott\’s latest book Dusk, Night, Dawn finds the person who may hunger for its wisdom as they wait for the bus. I tucked one of Maria Wulf\’s meaningful, artful cards in it as well. 
I love giving things away. I always have. 
My next big trip will be a farm up north near the coast. I will have my own cozy cabin. I want to bring books to read as my laptop and cellphone time will be limited since I will be off grid at a place operating by solar power only.  Books are heavy, so I have to be careful and choose wisely. 
I like living this way. It forces me to live simply leaving a lot of time for nature, contemplation, reading, communing, making friends, and writing. I  have little business to take care of or things to worry about living so simply. My only bills are my cellphone and my travel costs which are accommodations, food, and getting to where I am going. Personal items and clothes are minimal only needing to be bought when absolutely necessary and much consideration is given to how heavy they weigh on me, literally. Also, from time to time I will spend money on online classes and touristy fun. Oh yeah, and of course, more books! 
I\’ve lived this way with Scott for months on the road and years moving from place to place. I have a pretty good idea of the challenges faced, but I\’m sure more obstacles will appear along the path. I am learning that obstacles are part of the adventure and can become friends as they keep you on course to your true heart\’s desires.
Listening to Carolyn Myss  last night, she reminds me to stay in the now, not have any expectations and to not worry about what happens tomorrow. To pay attention to where my spirit wants to go, towards love not fear. The biggest piece of advice from Carolyn Myss is to never betray myself on my journey. My intuition will not lead me astray. Easier said than done, right? 🙂
Today, is a simple day. I am doing laundry, always the laundry! Reading. Sitting in the sun. And feeling hopeful, so hopeful.  A big weight has been lifted. I believe my trip to San Diego was a huge healing and looking forwards to working with young people and people my age on a farm to feed seniors is pulling at my heart already.
Life is expanding, I am ready for it.


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