The Realms that Dwell Within and Out There

\”The role of the animal messenger in the dreams of
modern city-dwellers is often to recall us to our 
wild side, and the natural path of our energy\”
Scott sends me red-tail hawks. 
When I am out and about traveling along a highway, on a hike in the valleys, or exploring the higher land areas around the Pacific, the Red Tail glides in front of the car performing acrobats precariously close to the windshield, she swoops close over my head almost touching my hair when I hike, or smoothly follows a low sky woven trail along side me as I look out the passenger seat window traveling along a country road.
I know they are messages from Scott. Later, in the day, I will reminisce about my visit with the Red Tail and another memory will surface out of nowhere.
A vision of a Red Tail on one of my travels in the waking hours.
The memory of a wild fierce Red Tail perched in the church courtyard, in an odd location, atop a water fountain forms in my mind and a soft message of telepathy nudges me. I sent that one to you.

Yes, yes you did. I answer. Thank you.

My grief is breaking like a fever lifting. 
\”When a soul goes through the birth process, the souls on the Other-Side weep, while those on earth rejoice. When a soul goes through the death process, the family on earth mourns, while those on the Other-side rejoice.\”

I am embracing the circle.
I am learning how to communicate in symbols and signs. Synchronicity and the play of the Gods bless me in my day to day life. Obstacles are friends keeping me true to my course. The Goddesses whisper to me when my thinking mind is clear, their words urging me forward on my solo physical journey. I am never alone. The spirits walk along with me.
The Goddesses remind me of my own power and I am grateful for visions and dreams, an understanding that has no barriers between realms and time.
This realm enriches the other as the other side enriches mine.
Sorrow comes and goes along with joy. Grief is not a state I want to dwell in. 
I feel close to Scott, my guides and source when my grief lifts into the clouds and the sun pours into my soul waking me into the truth of who I am.
I am on a journey into the abyss of unknowing and adventure as the Red Tail screams my name reminding me I am never alone.


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