Travel Shows

Scott loved travel shows. So do I.
We rarely watched television during the daytime. In the evening during or after dinner, we would watch a movie, music documentaries, or travel shows. Scott\’s favorite was Rick Steves for travel. He even had a Rick Steves backpack which he loved. 
The last show we watched before Scott crossed over, was the night before his transition and I\’m so happy to tell you it was Rick Steves.  I remember watching episode after episode that night with Scott. The reason we liked Rick Steves so much is how enthusiastic he is about the culture, history, people, food and drink. You can\’t help getting excited about traveling.
This morning I am watching Rick Steves Monday Night show on Rome.
I get short, sharp pangs of pain and loss, missing Scott when I am watching these and sometimes I can\’t keep the tears from falling. Mostly, though, I am so glad we shared a love for travel and travel videos. And Rick Steves reminds me of Scott and what a great travel partner he was and continues to be in my dreams, shamanic journeys and visions.
Rick Steves Monday Night Shows are really fun. 
Warning: The shows are best watched with food and wine:) otherwise you may find yourself hungry for not only travel and culture, but the region\’s delicacies as well. 


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