Side Trip

\”Your scientists are finally learning what philosophers
have known for centuries-
that mind can influence matter.
They still have to discover that mind creates 
and forms matter.\”

This last week, I\’ve been researching flights and inexpensive hotels for a short stay in Southern California before leaving for my farm work away.  I\’m called to go to Seal Beach. Scott spent part of his early childhood at Seal Beach and he wanted to take me there. One of the few places he grew up that we didn\’t make it to.

I remember watching an episode of California Gold on Seal Beach with Scott a couple of years ago. Scott turned me on to Huell Howser\’s fuzzy old taped shows of California Gold from the early 90\’s. The shows highlighting landmarks, events, and local history in California were aired on PBS. Scott found the old shows on YouTube. Howser was a big personality, loved and engaged people. He had a great impromptu interview style focusing on locals and towns in Southern California.  He was and still is really fun and entertaining to watch.

After sifting through airfare and hotels close enough to the beach to walk, I decided I wasn\’t ready to dip into my savings to make the trip out.

Yesterday, my fortune changed. 

My nephew came in for an out of town visit. Before leaving, he asked if I would like to tag along on a business trip to Los Angeles. He\’s driving down for a short stay, only two to three days. On the way, he has a stop or two along the coastline. I asked him if we could check out Seal Beach. Turns out Seal Beach is on the way and about an hour or so from where we will be staying in LA.

I\’m leaving this morning. My bag is already packed, always ready to go.


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