Long Day on the 5

Gilroy, California
Near Hwy 17
Farm Country
It was a long day on Interstate Hwy 5 heading to Los Angeles from Sonoma Valley. It took us about 10 hours plus, stopping for gas and a quick late breakfast at Dennys near the midway mark in Coalinga. There is nothing pretty about this drive except for a side stop to Gilroy for dried mango dusted with chile and fresh strawberries at the farm stand for snacking on the road.
Eating at Denny\’s in the Parking Lot
Coalinga, California
There is not much to describe about the drive. I prefer Highway 101 or Hwy 1 following the coast, but this is the faster route. Looking out the window, all you see is fast food, gas stations, feed lots, and miles of desolation. I\’m sorry, it\’s just not my scene. I\’m sure there must be more hidden behind what you can see from the highway.
What we did have on the drive was great conversation. My nephew and I shared stories about Scott, his smile, family memories, and our spiritual experiences. Our talks surprised and delighted me. It\’s been a long time since we\’ve spent this much time together. We laughed a lot.
The ride was an adventure in itself when we missed a semi-truck that jackknifed in front of us spewing fuel like a fountain onto the highway. We missed it by feet, carefully driving around the semi before the traffic jammed up and the emergency vehicles arrived. Only a few of us got through. No one was hurt, but it looked pretty scary with the fuel gushing everywhere. I feel for the people who must have got stuck behind us for hours.
My nephew\’s Frenchie \”Luna\”
She was really good on the trip
Great Traveling Dog
Hours of conversation and road later, we passed by Universal Studios, Melrose Ave, and Hollywood arriving in mid-town also known as Koreatown where I will spend the next couple of days exploring the area and taking photos. 
I am doing okay, missing Scott, knowing he is here even though I can\’t see him, and moving forward living my life the best I can looking for the magic and miracles within and around me. And doing everything I can to remain present for the people and animals here with me.

My Nephew playing the guitar for me
as I blog tonight.


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