Sensory Overload

Photo through the splattered windshield
Buses, People, Palms
Los Angeles
On the way to Seal Beach and back, I took photos, my senses on overload. My experience, words, and pictures feel like a collage of feelings, emotions, and color. 
While traveling, it\’s best not to compare places I visit to \”Home\”.  Home being the Sonoma Valley. Although the last few years, I haven\’t felt at home in Sonoma County.  I don\’t feel at home anywhere after Scott crossed over. My sense of home is disintegrating, changing, evolving. 
Today, I found myself gravitating towards photos that were aesthetically pleasing. My nephew. My nephew\’s dog. Food. 
The view from where I am staying. 
But this is not the whole story. I am not an Instagram blog. Spending a couple of days in Los Angeles doesn\’t bring me any closer to the story I want to write or the photos I want to post here. A few words, a paragraph can not sum up my short stay, my experience or what this place is.  There is a much more interesting fabric of stories here to tell and write.
Refineries, miles and miles of them near
Seal Beach, California
When we arrived at Seal Beach, we parked close to the beach, leashing Luna who excitedly pranced about sniffing the sea air. Within minutes of  touching the sand, we were asked to leave, \”no dogs allowed\”. The Lifeguard was pleasant enough, suggesting we move along down to another beach that welcomed dogs a few miles away. 
We chose to stay and walk the neighborhoods and shops instead. 
No dogs are allowed at the beach. No dogs are allowed at the restaurants. I didn\’t see more than a couple of dogs walking near the cafes and shops. It felt oddly strange and barren without them. 
Lifeguard within minutes asking us to leave the beach
since we had a dog with us
Seal Beach, California
We took a stroll with Luna on the sidewalk near the shops and cafes winding in and out of gardening stores, t-shirt shops, seashell and beach themed stores, and coffee houses. I bought a soft burgundy Seal Beach T-Shirt. I usually don\’t buy expensive tourist stuff, but something inside nudged me to spend the thirty bucks.
Shops in Seal Beach
Getting back into the car, I asked my nephew to drive down the road a bit to see what else we could find. We continued down the road following the boardwalk along the coast making a turn that found us stuck in a development area with blocked gates, building materials and lots of cement.  Turning back making a detour, we noticed a wharf area out in the distance. 
We found a clear pass leading us to the waterfront. Crossing over to the wharf, my nephew was surprised to find his favorite brewery. He didn\’t know his beer was brewed in Long Beach. We looked at each other and smiled. Getting lost, detoured, and finding the perfect lunch spot felt like Scott had a hand in this fun roundabout route. 
\”Impossible Burgers\” are Vegan
It\’s nice to keep finding vegan options on menus
After lunch, heading back, I mentioned to my nephew how I wanted to see the parks where people might experience nature.  We visited a couple of parks in the area close to where we are staying.  I noted the parks, both of them partially filled with tent camps, a soccer area was active with players, and flocks and flocks of seagulls picked through overflowing garbage cans and bins. Police were near the encampments writing tickets. Some children were scattered about on bare patches of grass around a large cement lake with a few ducks languidly paddling in the middle. 
Surrounding the park, buses forged ahead, people flooded the crosswalks, cars maneuvered in and out of lanes,  and creative home made businesses prepared and marketed their wares on card tables.  A chaotic shuffling of order unfolded as the ashen sky clouds melted together awaiting a hazy sunset.
MacArthur City Park
Los Angeles, Ca

I\’ve spent most of my time in a high rise looking over the city and in the car going back and forth to beaches and cafes. On foot, I feel like I would get a close up, a better sense and feel for the area. So far most of the time I\’ve spent with people is in the elevator going up and down inside the building or briefly being served food. I hope to take a walk in the area tonight or tomorrow to gain more perspective and photos.

Last Night
Checking out the Skyline
There is a good sized dog park, a gym, pools, saunas, and hot tubs on the Roof
You don\’t have to leave the building
Everything is right here where we are staying
High above the City 


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