Don’t Try to Figure it Out

Don’t Try to Figure it Out.

Green trees, green grasses, the scent of sea in the air, the hills and valleys opened up leading us home to Sonoma. It was a long day on the road and the spirit of home, the San Francisco Bay Area where I was born, raised, and the place I keep returning to welcomed me back forgiving my transgressions.

I am home. I feel home.

Going home is one of the sweetest rewards of traveling.

At home, I completed the transfer of my blog to Word Press which I figured out how to do with Tech Support from Google and WordPress helping when I got stuck. The transfer took less than a day. From what the techs chatted back, sometimes the domain transfers stall for seven days. Divine intervention and good techs kept me sane during the process.

After a long day, driving back from LA, transferring content, subscribers and domains, my sister and I decided to go on a shamanic journey.

After such a successful day, you would think I would be up for an adventure, maybe visit a palace and sit down for a fine dinner in good company, or ride my flying grey mare through the skies to a magical realm, or soak in sacred waters lost on a Greek island.


During the shamanic drumming, I stomped through the portal, got tangled up in spider webs, battled it out with pirate skeletons trying to keep me away from the tunnel of light, and forced myself through demanding answers to my questions.

Only to hear one answer repeated over and over again.

Don’t Try to Figure it Out

Great. Great answer.

You would think I would have figured that out by now.

Don’t figure out.

The job.

The house.

The journey.

Today I rest. And I am not going to try and figure things out.

In my defense, I did figure out how to transfer this blog. That worked.

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