Travels Here and There

Homemade Tortillas and a Pot of Beans

My sister made homemade flour tortillas and beans today. I ate them for lunch. Tonight, we will have them for dinner with a glass of red wine while we watch travel videos on Mexico. Sixteen tortillas and a big pot of beans were a labor of love that cost less than five dollars to make.

After lunch and reading my book on Conscious Dreaming by Robert Moss, I texted my friend “B” today.

“I’m going to keep on traveling until I meet my friends on the other side. I have more people and animals over there than I do here. In the meantime, I have to appreciate and live this life fully while I am here.”

The text to “B” doesn’t tell the whole truth and reveal the work I’ve been doing since Scott crossed over. Not only do I travel here, I go through the portal and meet up with my loved ones, people and animals on the other side. My sister goes through the portal too.

It seems crazy, doesn’t it?

Especially if you have never experienced traveling in other realms.

I thought it was pretty wild and crazy too, until I learned how to travel through the portal after I read Christina Rasmussen’s book “Where Did You Go?.” Christina didn’t give up her search for her husband after his death, until she found him. Her groundbreaking book combining spirituality and cutting edge science was written to bring comfort and help to those of us who have lost loved ones.

Christina’s book was my first travel guide through the portal to the other side. Her podcast interviewing Doctors, Scientists, and Spiritual Leaders provided me with research I hungered for.

Robert Moss takes us through the portal to multi-dimensional realms by teaching how dreams are the way our soul speaks to us and how we can travel through time and space into other dimensions meeting with our departed loved ones, bringing gifts back to this world, and expanding and deepening life into the adventure it is meant to be. The spirit world, our guides and teachers use symbols and synchronicity not to confuse or frustrate, but to expand our way of learning, seeing, and expanding ourselves. Robert Moss, through his books, podcast, and classes is a rich canvas of exploration and deepening that is enriching my life beyond anything I have ever experienced before.

Tonight, my journey begins with watching videos of Mexico while eating tortillas with my sister while we vision future travels to Isla Las Mujeres and Baja.

Later, when I fall asleep, the mystery and adventure continues as I travel to places beyond this one.

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