Lizards in the Sun

California Poppy

The other day my sister and I ventured out on a short trip to one of the state parks in the area. We needed some nature. I have a squirrel that visits my window when I am irritated with something, he reminds me to shake it off and not take life so seriously. Crows visit the water fountain, dropping their fast food treasures into the water, soaking the stale bread until its nice and mushy to eat, and the Canada geese fly over honking on their commute to the lake not so far away.

Backyard nature is wonderful, but sometimes I just want to immerse myself into the sounds and energy of animals and trees, flowers, and butterflies, running creeks and the possibility of seeing a bear or mountain lion ( patiently I wait) without the interruption of cell phones (they don’t work at this park), cars, lawn blowers, and sirens.

Our nature walk the other day took us through a dry path of rocks and California poppies. Hundreds of lizards slithered about, one or two brave enough to sun on warm rocks as we walked away.

“Lizards like to bask on warm stones, absorbing the energy of the sun, dreaming of the realm of the shadows. It is the guardian of dreams and calls upon us to take note and act upon what we may learn from our dreaming”.

-Lucy Harmer “Discovering Your Spirit Animal, The Wisdom of the Shamans

Fallen Trees on our Hike the other Day

Most of my life I haven’t paid attention to my dreams.

Now, I have learned the value of paying attention to my night dreams, my lucid dreaming, my visions and listening to the dreams of my friends and family. In the past, I couldn’t sit still long enough and I wasn’t patient enough to listen to someone’s dreams. I found them boring and I would get antsy wanting them to finish and hurry up when they described their dreams. I wanted to move on to something more important. What I thought was more important.

“I am a dreamer. Dreaming is one of my strong medicines, and much of my medicine comes to me through dreams.” -Sun Bear in Dreaming with the Wheel

Time has changed me. Life circumstances have changed me. Pain has changed me. Now, I listen to my dreams and the dreams of others. I have learned how important they are.

It has taken me months of studying with Robert Moss and other dream teachers to call my soul back, to dream again, to remember my dreams, to pay attention to the guidance of my dreams, it is the way my soul speaks to me.

The nature trail my sister and I took the other day led us through fallen trees, a running creek and the sounds of the pileated woodpecker (a monkey like call), the hoot of an owl, and shrieking scrub jays.

In the hot sun, we found a bench, and soaked in the heat becoming lizards ourselves for a few minutes.

In nature, I am reminded how we are all connected. My sister and I. We are the breeze blowing the trees, the running creek, the rock holding bathing lizards, the sun beating down, the vultures circling the sky, the hawk resting from the hunt, the bear waiting for sunset to lumber about.

We are the sun and the moon.

Our dreams remind us who we are.

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2 thoughts on “Lizards in the Sun

  1. All my life I have had dreams. Often frightening dreams that woke me up screaming but sometimes soothing and a lot of really weird dreams.. For weeks now I don’t seem to have had a single dream. It feels as if something is missing! I wonder what the absence of dreaming means. Do you know?
    Greetings from NY where it is snowing!


  2. Good Morning Yetismith. These are great questions and I’m working through the answers myself. I’m going to be doing a podcast soon on my experiences working with dreams so far. Right now, I can refer you to one of my teachers Robert Moss on He provides a lot of free resources along with his books and classes for purchase. His radio show has an episode on scary dreams/nightmares and how to navigate those. You can the listen free to the radio show on the website. I am working on the podcast episode this morning and hopefully will have it up soon!


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