Alone at the Cafe

Croissant Breakfast Sandwich with Salad

Within walking distance from my new home, I found a sweet cafe with outdoor tables in the sunshine surrounded by yellow roses and colorful pots overflowing with fragrant spring flowers.

Late this morning, I walked through the pleasing, intimate outdoor mall, window shopping, getting accustomed to my new circumstances and living situation.

I visited the quaint independent bookstore, scanning the new titles in fiction and non-fiction. I took note of the crow tarot deck, the artwork of ravens and black crows spoke to me reminding me of the dead raven I found in San Diego, the impressive raven who visited me landing on my balcony at the hotel in La Jolla, and the raven people who have been visiting me in my dreams ever since.

Last night, my dreams were sweet. I remembered scenes with Scott, feeling his presence, waking up feeling not so alone, knowing he walks with me in my dreams and waking life.

Walking through the outdoor mall, I found the cafe with cherry decorated tablecloths, good coffee, and a seasonal breakfast and lunch menu. I almost passed it by, but I thought to myself, I better practice what I preach, and take a seat alone to solo dine under the breaking clouds while the sun has a chance to peek out before the rains arrive later this weekend.

At my table, with my cup of coffee, I admit trying my hand at eavesdropping the conversations filtering around me from the tables mostly filled with couples and groups of ladies. I couldn’t hear much except for talk of changing work policies, diners requesting salad dressing on the side and glasses of water. I retreated back to myself gazing at the flowers, feeling hopeful, and at home.

From my new home, I can walk, take public transit ( I don’t own a car), visit nearby parks, listen to live music, and create community while planning my travels to the Hawaiian Islands and Mexico in the near future.

I finished my meal, and walked back home with plans to return later this evening to buy the crow tarot deck if it’s still there waiting for me at the bookstore.

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