Coloring with Spirit

This morning, my spirit wants to play with colors.

It’s gloomy outside. The rains have not arrived yet. A little bird outside my window squeaks in anticipation of wet weather.

Intuitively, I pulled the elephant card out of the deck to color.

Elephants are wise.

The elephant headed-Hindu God, Ganesha is a God of Beginnings, the Remover of Obstacles.

While I am choosing colors for the card, I am drawn to bright colors. Happy colors. Colors of tropical lush green forests and voluptuous flowers inviting one to adventure and exploration.

My spirit is called to travel.

There are obstacles in the way. I still have to finish the COVID vaccination series, my second booster is scheduled for Wednesday. I am aware that my savings is diminishing and I need to think carefully of what kind of spending I engage in for the next few months.

The Elephant teaches wisdom and shows me I have the strength to move obstacles from my path. Elephants pick up logs like twigs, tossing them to the side when they are moving through the paths of life searching for sources of sustenance and energy, rest, and prayer over their departed.

Within me, I carry the Elephant’s tools to continue my journey as well.

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