My Choice

 “It is not our circumstances that create our discontent or contentment. It is us.” ~ Vivian Greene.

I am choosing to live a good life.

Walking through a small town near where I live, the clouds burst forth in grandeur, a spectacular show of frost white vapor forming shapes across the blue sky. The redwood trees stretch their limbs to meet the heavens.

Nature celebrates life every moment.

A familiar red-tail hawk circled the sky above. I crossed the road to pick up a coffee, and a treat. Finding a couch looking out into the forest, I recognized the beauty all around me.

I got out of my heart’s way and let the light in.

Listening to Abraham-Hicks this morning and again this evening, I am reminded how supported I am from the non-physical energies within and around me to create and manifest my potential.

I want to travel. I want to write. I want to help people and animals.

Setting forth my intention, I let go surrendering to the good all around me.

Driving across the bridge on my way home, looking out my window at the green river always in motion, looping and spiraling like a serpent finding its way through the forest.

I find myself, moving as well, through the transitions of my life.

The green river of my childhood, my teen years, my adult years, and now mid-life teaches me that there really is no such thing as endings and beginnings.

We whirl together around the wheel of life and death holding hands on the never ending ride of creation.

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2 thoughts on “My Choice

  1. Beautifully! You have now been quoted in my journal. 😊
    “ Setting forth my intention, I let go surrendering to the good all around me.”


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