Pink Moon Dreams

Pink Moon April 2021

Walking home from dinner last night, I delayed rushing back to appreciate the pink moon shining in the night sky.

During the night, in my sleep, my dreams were filled with versions of myself, a woman vibrant and full of life. A woman wanting to explore and find truths about herself and the world around her.

Who Am I in my Dreams?

This is a question, I never thought to ask until last night.

Who I am in my dreams is a pretty powerful woman.

I want to get to know her better.

Last night, during one of my dreams, I observed her sitting with a friend, a woman friend. Both of them looking out into the distance at the mountain range, a silhouette of beautiful alluring dark shadows cradled by lavender and pink mist. My dream self turned to my friend asking her if she wanted to swim in the lake nestled between the mountains. Her friend shook her head no, answering she was too busy with work. My dream self did not hesitate to leave and follow her heart’s desire, to swim and be free in the mountains underneath the indigo sky.

Last night’s dreams reveal hidden truths about myself, the woman who wants to be, the woman I have held back many times through the years.

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