Athena’s Owl

After our trip out to the beach, we stopped at our favorite shop in a town called Sebastopol near where I live. The shop sells candles, incense, books, crystals, art, small sculptures of spirit animals and powerful goddesses.

The owl caught my attention at Milk & Honey.

The tiny arrow like object in the owl’s beak is Athena’s spear. In Greek mythology, the little owl accompanies Athena the Goddess of Wisdom. Athena’s sacred spirit animal symbolizes Athena’s power to see where others cannot. The owl is her source of wisdom and judgement.

Fascinated by the owl in the shop, my sister encouraged me to take a photo. Both of us are on the simple journey to save space and money. Instead of owning an object, why not take a photo instead, where I can carry it with me at all times.

Back home, this morning, I woke up remembering a journey in my dreaming class with Robert Moss.

Robert Moss described the beginning of our journey that morning, by showing us an impenetrable wall, a gate covered in locks and barriers. During our Shamanic Journey, we needed to face our own gate to see what laid beyond.

During the drumming, my gate appeared before me. I tried to open the locks. They would not crack open. I tried to climb the gate, it was too tall and wide. I couldn’t get a hold of it, to climb up.

Before growing frustrated and tired, I called for help from my guides.

Within moments, a small owl flew over me landing on the gate. She found a small opening at the top right corner, a space I had missed. She hopped a couple of times, looked back at me, and than pushed her way through. I followed her easily, finding my way to the other side.

This was the same little owl that helped me on another journey by dropping a tool (the spear) from her beak that opened a window I was trying to climb out of.

Back at Milk & Honey, I admired and thanked the little owl, her tools, her wisdom, her ability to see in the night.

It is tempting to buy the beautiful sculpture of her perched on top of the books symbolizing her wisdom, her tool, a spear gently held in her beak. For now, I will carry her in a photo and call for her again, in hopes she will come to my rescue, if I need help along my path.

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2 thoughts on “Athena’s Owl

  1. She’s a beautiful owl. I have always loved owls, have several pictures around the house of different ones and I have some owl ornaments. I had to abandon quite a few things when I moved but my little ornaments and my pictures are precious. I can’t think who I shall leave them to. I would like them to be loved. Silly, isn’t it?

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