In the Goo

Today, I felt stuck in the goo.

My clothes didn’t feel right. I am uncomfortable. I am growing towards a new vision that is not here yet.

I am in an awkward stage in my life.

After shopping for better fitting clothes and going out to lunch, a disappointing lunch that did not satisfy, I walked home feeling even more out of place.

In my room, I turned on a recording of Wayne Dyer, who always manages to help me think outside my box and in the process I feel better. Wayne Dyer was one of Scott’s favorites.

Listening to Dyer, I pulled a card from my Intuitive Wisdom: Color Your Deck Tarot Cards. I’ve read tarot cards since my twenties, most of the time without the book that comes with the deck.

This afternoon, I pulled the Caterpillar.

I asked my question from within and wrote it down in my journal.

What do you want me to know Caterpillar?

I am the essence of the butterfly. In the goo of the cocoon we dream. We dream the vision of who we came here to be. As our dream evolves and expands, our wings grow pushing forth the energy we need to burst into the light and fly.

Today, I felt like a tired caterpillar.

My reading reminds me that this is a time of dreaming and forming the vision of who I am going to be. The wings are not ready to grow just yet. The energy has not arrived yet to push forth the vision of what will be.

“Whatever we build in the imagination will accomplish itself in the circumstance of our lives” -W.B. Yeats

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