Change your Mood, Change your Life

Roses on my Walk back from Lunch

“And the Day Came When the Risk to Remain Tight In a Bud Was More Painful Than the Risk It Took to Blossom.” – Anais Nin.

Yesterday, I wrote about being in the Goo.

What I really wanted to write was in the Gloom, but I didn’t want to bring the energy down. I try to be as honest as possible describing where life takes me.

Yesterday, I was not in good spirits.

My clothes didn’t fit right, I grew out of them. When did that happen? Instead of not eating and losing weight during my journey with grief and loss.

I ate. A lot. Go figure.

My clothes felt awful. I felt awful. I was starting to spiral downwards.

I picked myself up and walked to the mall by my home. I asked for guidance and help shopping for clothes. At one of the stores, I have detested in the past for long lines and a mess to sort through when you are desperate for something to find to wear.

I found five tops that fit beautifully.

At home, I took my time, putting away my clothes while listening to Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks. On YouTube, if you search for them together, you will find an interview of Dyer interviewing Esther Hicks on manifesting and creating that is one of the best I’ve listened to.

The next day, I decided to take myself out to a cafe for a nice lunch. The weather is beautiful. I put on a new blouse with my jeans and headed out, walking. At the mall, an older gentleman with a pink shirt (my blouse was pink too) set up his keyboard to play music for the shoppers and lunch crowd. I greeted him and continued on my way to the cafe.

At the latin cafe, I ordered a nice salad with greens, pineapple chutney, avocado and grilled chicken. My new challenge is to find the best salads in town. This one did not disappoint. It was huge, I packaged the rest for later.

While I was having my lunch, the young waitress serving the tables on the other side of restaurant came over to my table, to let me know that she loved my silver hair.

I paid my check with my spirits high, and went back to the music guy to listen to him play the keyboards for a bit.

Walking home, I admired the pink and red roses starting to bloom. Within minutes of being back home, putting my leftover lunch away, and getting comfortable, I received a call for an interview for a job at a non-profit that I would love to work for.

I don’t know if the job will materialize, but I trust Abraham-Hicks. If it’s not this job, it will be a job that is as good as this one or even better.

“When you begin to understand the vibrational nature of thought and the way the law of attraction responds to it, you then begin to understand how it is that you are the creator of your own reality” –The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent by Esther and Jerry Hicks

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