Faithful Dog

“Thornton knelt down by Buck’s side. He took his head in his two hands and rested cheek on cheek. He did not playfully shake him, as was his wont, or murmur soft love curses; but he whispered in his ear. ‘As you love me, Buck.‘” -Jack London’s Call of the Wild

I don’t remember who I saw first. The monument to Buck at the park in Jack London Square or the husky shepherd dog faithfully holding a down stay across from him. I thought it the perfect image for fortuitously happening upon an area dedicated to famed novelist Jack London.

The log cabin is a replica of the one Jack London lived in at twenty-one years of age during the brutal Klondike gold rush in Canada’s Yukon. The Yukon inspired Jack London’s book Call of the Wild.

There is so much to take in at Jack London Square in Oakland, California. I will be back to hopefully stay a night or two at the waterfront.

Last night we enjoyed a Japanese Dinner and Jazz Music at Yoshi’s. The music was Bossa Nova style and the green tea beignets were delicious.

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