Goddess Cheemah

Walking around Jack London Square last night in Oakland with my sister, I found this beautiful stunning Goddess surfing on the back of an Eagle.

Who is this Goddess?

Looking closer we found the bronze plaque with her name Cheemah and her creator Osprey Orielle Lake, one of the world’s few female allegorical monument makers.

Speaking at Mikhail Gorbachev’s State of the World Forum, a gathering of 700 Leaders form 120 Countries, Ms. Lake said,

“Art, because of its creative and visionary nature, needs to be a part of the dialogue as we develop models for a sustainable and compassionate global civilization. Narrative art is of great importance in guiding and influencing the direction of humanity. We need to renew our dreams about what calls us to our common humanity. Transforming and creating new cultural stories and images provides an opportunity to create a balanced view of what the future can hold.”

Ms. Lake’s Cheemah, the Mother of Spirit-Fire is an eighteen foot bronze monument dedicated to celebrating cultural diversity, world unity, and the care of Earth. The Cheemah statue is one of eight placed around the world.

It was a gift for us to find her at Jack London Square in Oakland, California.

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2 thoughts on “Goddess Cheemah

  1. How beautiful, and how serendipitous that you came across her. I see strength and power and trust in the figures. And isn’t the artist’s name beautiful!

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