Sea Horses and Sangria

Last night walking through the lush greenery on the patio at Mexico Lindo, the garden sculpture with the seahorses caught my attention.

Seahorses symbolize money and prosperity in Mexican culture from the little research I have done. Seahorses are fascinating creatures, they mate for life and are monogamous. The males give birth to the children, not the females.

Yesterday, I celebrated an early dinner at Mexico Lindo after interviewing for a social work position at a non-profit. This morning, I was offered the full-time position. I’m very excited about working on the ground helping people.

This job requires a car, so I will be shopping for one soon. My travels will be expanding through the Northern California area on my days off and after work hours, and my vacations will take me from beyond here when I have more time to explore.

It’s good for me to go back to work now. I resonated with the team I will be working with, all people doing good works.

If you visit Sonoma County, and want a yummy Sangria, the price is so reasonable and it was so good in the heat of early evening yesterday, I encourage you to visit Mexico Lindo in Graton, California for festive drinks, good food, and a shaded patio out back.

Last night, it was so hot for Spring, in the high eighties at least. The patio was the perfect place to cool off and toast possibilities for a new beginning while cherishing my life so far.

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