Following the Thread of Life

Walking along the sidewalk to the bus stop, I found a golden thread in the gutter. The morning sun caught the glitter, catching my attention. “There’s a thread you follow. It goes amongthings that change. But it doesn’t change.People wonder about what you are pursuing.You have to explain about the thread.” -William Stafford I leftContinue reading “Following the Thread of Life”

Coloring with Spirit

This morning, my spirit wants to play with colors. It’s gloomy outside. The rains have not arrived yet. A little bird outside my window squeaks in anticipation of wet weather. Intuitively, I pulled the elephant card out of the deck to color. Elephants are wise. The elephant headed-Hindu God, Ganesha is a God of Beginnings,Continue reading “Coloring with Spirit”

Alone at the Cafe

Within walking distance from my new home, I found a sweet cafe with outdoor tables in the sunshine surrounded by yellow roses and colorful pots overflowing with fragrant spring flowers. Late this morning, I walked through the pleasing, intimate outdoor mall, window shopping, getting accustomed to my new circumstances and living situation. I visited theContinue reading “Alone at the Cafe”

Dreaming, Portal Jumping, and Abyss of Unknowing

Join me and my sister Lisa Hamilton as we discuss how we access the multi-dimensional universe through Dreaming, The Abyss of  Unknowing and Portal Jumping on my latest podcast. We talk about our books and classes with Robert Moss, the new book I’m reading by Sun Bear, and we share our adventures through the portal and howContinue reading “Dreaming, Portal Jumping, and Abyss of Unknowing”

Sweet and Savory Life

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” -Anais Nin My sister created this breakfast, a sweet and savory meal. Avocado, egg, and cheese on one side of the bagel, strawberries steeped in balsamic vinegar and maple syrup on top cream cheese for the other side. I thought aboutContinue reading “Sweet and Savory Life”

Dining Alone: How to Eat By Yourself

Dining Alone. Going out to Eat by yourself. Preparing a meal for one can feel daunting, scary or at the very least uncomfortable for many of us. My sister Lisa joined me on my latest Podcast Dining Alone: How to Eat by Yourself to talk about the first time we ate out by ourselves, theContinue reading “Dining Alone: How to Eat By Yourself”