Curious about Bars

Ignore the Red Umbrella in the photo and take in this picture of a historic saloon built from the timbers of the Umatilla, an abandoned paddle steamer. With $100 and the aid of the ship’s carpenter, Johnny Heinhold built this saloon in 1871 from the Umatilla’s bones for seafaring men to feel at ease sittingContinue reading “Curious about Bars”

On the Waterfront

Walking along the waterfront in Jack London Square, Oakland California, I fell in love with the lounge benches for one person or a couple to lean back, relax and watch the water. The beautiful lady on the right had her pile of books and sandals off for an afternoon of reading and enjoying the freshContinue reading “On the Waterfront”

Faithful Dog

“Thornton knelt down by Buck’s side. He took his head in his two hands and rested cheek on cheek. He did not playfully shake him, as was his wont, or murmur soft love curses; but he whispered in his ear. ‘As you love me, Buck.‘” -Jack London’s Call of the Wild I don’t remember whoContinue reading “Faithful Dog”

Goddess Cheemah

Walking around Jack London Square last night in Oakland with my sister, I found this beautiful stunning Goddess surfing on the back of an Eagle. Who is this Goddess? Looking closer we found the bronze plaque with her name Cheemah and her creator Osprey Orielle Lake, one of the world’s few female allegorical monument makers.Continue reading “Goddess Cheemah”